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Heat Latin Jazz Band is a 6-piece group based in Fort Myers that has been a community favorite for
authentic salsa and Afro-Cuban music. The band is approaching its tenth year in action, the sounds of
classic salsa and Afro-Cuban rhythms stronger than ever. Founded on an idea from Keith Doxie,
music instructor at Lexington Middle School, the band has grown to provide Southwest Florida with a
unique presentation of Afro-Cuban music, played by musicians from diverse backgrounds of training.
The band’s concept has been to play music that is not ubiquitous to the music scene of SWFL, but
also to bring up and coming musicians into the fold by playing music that is as technically challenging
as it is fun to play.

The band comprises musicians from different walks of life and training, with bandleader/trumpeter
Diego Azcuy (professional pilot/civil engineer), assistant bandleader/drummer, percussionist Miguel Azcuy
(registered nurse) and co-founder/keyboardist Juan Enrique Diaz (professional welder). The rest of the band
includes musicians from FGCU, each equally active in the SWFL music scene.

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